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What is the SAT? Let’s remove the concern out of this daunting test by first revealing what it is. The SAT is a test used in the U.S. to determine ability and classification for college admissions. Our favored internet go-to, Wikipedia, says “it was first introduced in the U.S. …in 1926. ” The SAT has been called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the Scholastic Assessment Test, and over periods it emerged to be called SAT 1: Reasoning Test, SAT Reasoning Test, and now most just name it the SAT (S-A-T). It is published by a private non-profit org. in the USA, the College Board. It was emerged to determine a learner's success in the school systems and their preparedness for college.It can take 3 hours to finish, then there is a reading and written portion of the test that may take additional 50 minutes. What is the SAT? To explain it openly, it is an examination that you have to pass by the time you graduate from High School. It doesn't mean how much you suffer, until enough controversy is raised about the demand for this examination and it is stopped, it is the score that will explain your college admissions officers where you fit within the demands for access into their universities.

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