Photolancer Zone You 2016-09-01

Photolancer Zone Launches New Blog


Hello, Photographers! The Photolancer Zone's Blog is here....


It’s all about You – Our Dear Photographer!


We want to give you the best possibility to:
-   share your story with thousands of other photographers and creatives
-   explore photography trends, techniques and sources of inspiration
-   share photography news
-   promote your events, photography products, and services
-   share best travel tips & receive tips on taking better travel photographs
-   review photography gear (cameras, lenses, etc.) and announce photography gear giveaways
-   receive critics on your works
-   create how-to’s, making of and tutorials
-   … and any other creative content relating to art & photography such as canvas prints, photography, graphic design, modern art, street art, pop art etc.


Photolancer Zone welcome your guest posts, in fact, if you are the right guest story writer we don’t just welcome you - we crave you! Please follow our quality guidelines below.


Benefits of submitting a guest post here

-   you will earn a nofollow link to your website, service or product
-   earn respect within the online photographic community
-   free traffic to your blog / website, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or Instagram profile
-   increase your social network
-   free story share on our social media accounts


Quality Guidelines

We are looking for stories that teach and give a unique value to our readers. We would like to avoid posts on topics that have been covered many times over, as well as topics not related to the Photolancer Zone portfolio. We are not looking for rehashed stories from other blogs or contain copyrighted materials.

We don’t tolerate spam, please provide us with an unique and inspiring article!

These rules and guidelines are created to ensure that we only provide a high quality content and maintain the highest website standard as much as possible.

-   if you use another website please be sure to cite it in the footer section of your post
-   please make sure that any image that you use in either free stock photo if not given credit to the author in the resource section of the post
-   keep your article short, sweet and to the point
-   use proper headings and formatting
-   every blog post should be original content and should NOT be published anywhere else on the web (including your own blog or website)
-   use proper blog etiquette that includes NO use of offensive, provocative or defamatory content
-   must include one image/screenshot that compliment the post
-   only one anchor text backlink to your website
-   we DO NOT accept post related to porn, gambling, casino, nudity and payday loan
-   we reserve the right to deactivate or alter any post without prior to any notification
-   we reserve the right to edit the post for grammatical errors and structure

We encourage you to be nice, respectful and honor our Terms of Service.


How to submit your Guest Post

If you have read the guidelines and ready to submit your content, just start writing here.


Feel free to start your story right away!

Photo by Lilly Rum on Unsplash

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